Zoom and Studio Classes

*Booking not Required for Zoom Classes*

*Zoom and In-Studio Classes are conducted together*

Monday to Friday Morning

9:00am All Ages/All Belts

10:00am Martial Art Fitness and Wellness


4:00PM Beginner Children Class (White-Orange Stripe)

5:00PM Children Class (Green-Red Stripe)

6:00pm All Ages/All Belts  

7:00 pm Competition/Performance Team


4:00PM Beginner Children Class (White-Orange Stripe)

5:00PM Children Class (Green-Red Stripe)

6:00pm Black Belt Class 

7:00 pm Teen/Adult Class


4:00PM Beginner Children Class (White-Orange Stripe)

5:00PM Children Class (Green-Red Stripe)

6:00pm Fall 2020 Boot Camp


4:00 pm Fall 2020 Boot CAmP

6:00 pm All Ages/All Belts

Martial Arts Program

We provide the full Martial Arts Experience, we don't only focus on providing exceptional self-defense techniques. We utilize Martial Arts as a tool to teach our students how to develop their mind, body and spirit. 

Students learn emotional intelligence through the training process, learning to control emotions so they're better able to complete their goals. Building self-confidence through experience, challenges and self-development.

Practitioners will be able to forge a healthier and stronger body. Learning valuable striking and blocking techniques to give them confidence when faced with a possible violent altercation. 

Lastly, students get the chances to learn respect, integrity, courtesy and perseverance through a structured journey to obtain their Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. 

Our goal is to help our students to become a more capable human being, willing to faces challenges that life has to offer.

This course program is aimed to increase your overall physical strength, cardio, speed to positively improve our mental health. It has been greatly known for the last couple decades that physical health correlates to mental health.

High intensive training will increase your heart rate, improving your oxygen consumption and overall energy. 


Exercise is associated to improved mood and well being. We gain confidence upon ourselves when we commit time to improving ourselves. As well, can improve brain function and protect memory and thinking skills. 

Self improvement through exercise can reduce your reaction to pain, by building up resilience. You can extend your life span by reducing chances for chronic diseases and injury through improved coordination and dexterity. 

Our goal in this program is to create an opportunity for the practitioner to improve themselves mentally and physically so they're more able to complete their goals

Martial Arts Fitness

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