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We're excited to announce that we'll be reopening on Monday, June 15th 2020 with our New Summer Schedule (Studio and Zoom Combined). It's been too long since we've been able to provide the Full Martial Art Experience to our students and we're beyond ecstatic to be able to do next week. There are no words to describe how thankful we are for all the support our community has given us because it kept us open. Grand Master Hong and I had to sadly watch some of our fellow Martial Artists close their studio's due to Covid-19, as well witness the small businesses in our community close one by one. The fact we are open is because of you and we can't wait to get back in the studio and give you the space to grow your potential. Below are all the changes, updates, additions, etc. that'll be occurring at the studio.

Reopening on June 15th

Our New Summer Schedule is listed below and Zoom links/ids can be found in our Members Only Section of the website.

*9:00am Children Class will Start on June 15th

*June 12th No Classes due to Color Belt Testing

Monday to Thursday

9:00am Children Class

10:00am Fitness and Wellness

11:00am Teen/Adult Class

3:30pm Beginner Children Class (White-Purple Stripe)

4:30pm Advance Children Class (Orange-Red Stripe)


5:30pm Family Class

6:30pm Competition Team


5:30pm Teen/Adult Class

6:30pm Black Belts


5:30pm Family Class

6:30pm Performance Team


4:00pm Fall 2020 Boot Camp

5:00pm Boot Camp

6:00pm All Ages All Belts


9:00am Children Class

10:00am Teen/Adult Class

12:00pm Fall 2020 Boot Camp

1:00pm Boot Camp

Listed below are all the updates and changes that'll be implemented at the studio:

+Zoom Classes will occur with the Studio Classes

+Classes will be 40 Minutes Long, Leaving 20 Minutes for cleaning in between classes

+Students wishing to attend class at the studio must book the class on the website by using the Book Now button at the Front Page of the Website.

+Class size will be limited to 10 students per class

+ Online Classes will be unlimited, but in studio attendance is restricted to your chosen membership

+Students will be checked(temperature) at the door for any signs of sickness

+No in studio sitting, parents can drop off or park and wait for pick up

+Mask must be worn on entry and exit, during light activity (greetings, stretching, etc.) but during heavy activity are optional (target, bag work, etc.)

+No Sparring or contact training with another student/instructor till further notice

+Tae Kwon Do Shoes are optional and can be purchased through the studio

+Students will have their own kicking target, heavy/soft bag provided at the studio to ensure no cross contamination (all used equipment will be cleaned between classes)

+Each student will be given their own 6 foot area of space in the studio to train in

+Students attending the studio must read and fill out/hand in this document upon entry

Color Belt Testing

Test Date: Friday, June 12th

Time Announced to Attendees

Color Belt Testing is this Friday, all attendees please study your questions and prepare properly. Just a reminder for those testing to take advantage of the free online 1 on 1 private lesson to help prepare for the test, email me to schedule the lesson. As well, there'll be no classes on Friday due to the testing.

Fall 2020 Boot Camp Starts on June 13th

Video Collaboration Project!

Social Distanced Fighting

Going to extend submissions for the Video Collaboration for another week, as I've only received a few videos. If you haven't heard of this Studio Project please check out the video below depicting how to create your own video.

If you have any questions about any of the updates above please email us at Masterjosephsuyat@ahtkd.net

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