AHTKD: Weekly Update (May 18th, 2020)

Good Afternoon, as we continually fight this crisis together we'd like to offer a few opportunities to help maintain your physical health. Maintaining a healthy physical body not only helps fight off sickness, but helps our mental health. Look below for our free offering of HIIT Classes for the month and feel free to share it on your social media threads to help us better improve our communities.

We greatly appreciate the support our community has been giving us in these troubling times. Our community's lifeblood is our students and we are ever grateful for your commitment to train, improve and support your community. The future is unclear for AHTKD with the continued unknown of when we'll be open again and as we all are being hit financially hard right now. For the first time ever and hope for the only time do we ask for donations to help us stay afloat till we can open again. If you can help recommend us to anyone you know in need of Martial Art or Fitness classes, as well any donation to make sure there is AHTKD in the future would be greatly appreciated and never forgotten. Over everything else we wish everyone and their families the best of health.

2 Weeks of Free Hiit Classes

For the next two weeks we'll be offering our HIIT Classes for Free and we encourage y'all to share the links below on your social media. As mentioned before your physical health has a big influence on your ability to fight off illness and maintain a healthy mental wellbeing.

10:00 am HIIT Class (1 hour)

6:00pm HIIT Class (30 minutes)

Color Belt Physical Examination

$45 Fee/ Part 1 of Color Belt Test

It's been way too long since our last color belt test and belt examinations are a fundamental part of Martial Arts that helps give motivation and direction for the practitioner. In the first week of June we'd be conducting a Physical Examination testing the physical abilities of our students from strength, flexibility and punch/block/kick technique. This'll only be half of the full color belt test, as we wish to conduct the forms, questions, sparring and board breaking when the studio opens. We hope this'll help direct our students bottled up energy toward something that'll challenge and improve their mental and physical well being.

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