May Update (Week of May 25th)

It's still unclear when we'll be open again, but we're preparing the studio with the correct precautions. We thank everyone who has taken the survey and given us helpful feedback. To be clear when the studio opens we'll be implementing the following: +Class restrictions to 10 and made by appointment only +Every student will be checked and cleared for class before entering the studio +Masks are required on entry, but are optional due to the circumstances of exercising with a mask can cause problems (doors will remain wide open to create a steady air flow) +Each student will given a certain portion of the studio to ensure social distancing +Only contact made will be on studio equipment which will be cleaned after use +Classes will be shortened by 5 minutes to increase time in between classes for cleaning +Online classes will continue during this time.

Our commitment is to provide the best environment for our students to thrive in, while providing the correct precautions to ensure a healthy environment.

All the updates below are aimed to continue providing direction and focus for our students to continually improve themselves during this odd time we're all living in. Being stuck at home creates an environment of comfort and stagnation if we don't strive for tasks that'll challenge us. We want to provide a venue for our students to better themselves and continue building habits that'll make them more adaptable and successful in life.

Color Belt Testing Update

As previously mentioned, we planned for a 2 part series to our Color Belt Test. We've decided to change the format and make it into one. Test will now be the second week of June and each belt rank will have different testing times. We'll be testing physical fitness, flexibility, punching/block/kicking technique, shadow sparring skills and knowledge of highest form.This is a voluntary test, so if you wish proceed with your advancement notify us by email. For those that have already notified us must do it again, as we haven't charged anyone for the test and instead be asking for the full price which will include your new color belt. Considering our change we'll be providing class times specific to belt rank during the first week of June, which will be focused reviewing forms and techniques for that belt rank. Read below for more information.

Class Schedule Update for June 1st to the 5th

As mentioned above, we'll have online classes made for specific belt ranks (example: White, White-Stripe, Yellow Stripe, etc.) and will provide at least 2 classes for each belt rank through the week. Considering the large amount of belt ranks to cover we'll be having shorter class times to fit everyone in. Later this week I'll be sending out another email update on the class schedule which will include a link to booking the class. This'll also help us test the appointment tool on our website.

Black Belt Testing

Grand Master Hong participated in an online black belt test, but was unsatisfied with the format. So we'll postpone Black Belt testing till we've created an online format we're satisfied with or when we open. When we do conduct the test we'll have multiple test times and restrict the amount of people in the studio.

Fall Boot Camp Start

Even though we haven't finished our current Boot Camp we'd like to the start next group of Boot Campers in June. We'll be aiming for November test with this new Boot Camp group, but be subject to change. Students at belt rank Red are advised to attend the Color Belt Test in June to join this Boot Camp and Red-Stripe students to register in the next two weeks. Keep in mind this new Boot Camp will have it's only separate class time from the current Boot Camp. All students qualifying for this upcoming Boot Camp will be notified.

Door to Door Private Lessons

To help provide a larger range of services to our students we're now allowing Door to Door Private Lessons for Tae Kwon Do Class and Full Body Wellness (Fitness and Meditation). Both Grand Master Hong and I will be providing this service. Of course we'd take the correct precautions of wearing a mask, using clean equipment and only providing this service to those in healthy conditions (including the instructors). We'll be requesting for the normal private lesson fee as we'll be traveling to your location personally. Please email us if you're interested or have any questions.

If you have any questions about any of the updates above please email us at

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