Mind Nutrition : Important to Focus on the Positive

It doesn't take long swiping through your news feed or watching the local news to see that we tend to gravitate to negative headlines. Looking for the next new scandal, depressing moments or terrifying events to spend our worry and anxiety on.

I just read this recent study ( https://www.pnas.org/content/116/38/18888#sec-1 ) titled "Cross-national evidence of negativity bias in psychophysiological reactions in news" which describes how we may want more positive news, but we tend to react to negative news more profoundly. Our reactions to negative news is important because what we tend to consume, alters our perspective of life. For example, imagine only seeing negative news for the next full month. The constant consumption of negative events would eventually make you think that life is a horrible and nasty place. Over time your behavior could change and you can become more negative in how you treat others or even yourself. The ability to control what we see and read every day is important to our own mental health. Of course there are horrible events occurring throughout the world, however I'd like to bet that there are even more positive events happening. It all depends on how we see the world and how we decided to act afterwards. The world is made up of order and chaos, one of which we can't control entirely which is chaos. However, its the order that we have full power over and it is determined upon us how much order we can have in this world.

I challenge you to read and view more positive news than negative for the next couple weeks and you'll see a change in how you perceive and the treat the world.

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