Who Are We?

We represent Decades long traditions responsible for Expanding Human Potential

Our studio contains over 70 years of combined martial art knowledge and almost 50 years of incorporated teaching experience, we take pride in providing the best individual instruction for each student. Our teaching method centers around long lasting martial art traditions that teach adversity, self-confidence, self-control and courtesy. Qualities as mentioned before are essential if someone wants to create a successful, peaceful and fulfilled life. 


Martial Arts Creates a Resilient Mind and Body

Tae Kwon Do, a Korean style of kick boxing focuses on kicking techniques, which was created hundreds of years ago and has been an effective martial art since its creation. Focused on agility and flexibility this martial art is ideal for anyone looking for another activity to boost their athletic performance. Also with Physical Education taking more of backseat in our educational system its more important than ever for upcoming generations to take care of their bodies. It has been long known that if you exercises and stretch daily you'll be able to improve your overall quality of life and even lengthen your life span. Not only does Tae Kwon Do prepare the body and mind for the physical difficulties of life, it also equips practitioners with the necessary tools for possible violent situations they may face later in life. 

Students learn in a vacuum, in which the 3-5 years of training to obtain a Black Belt is spent mastering leg strikes to impair, immobilize and dishearten pursuing attackers. Leg strikes that can be thrown at different heights, directions and angles creates confusion for the opponent, making it difficult for them to predict where the next strike will come from. Students also increase their agility, cardio and coordination, allowing them to dodge incoming strikes and reposition for a counter attack. Upon earning the Black Belt, students will then spend time on mastering hand strikes, basic grappling skills and various weapons. 

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Grand Master Anthony Hong

For over 50 years Grand Master Anthony Hong has been training Martial Arts and teaching for over 35 years. His training started in Brazil and slowly moved to the United States, learning various art forms like Judo, Hapkido and even obtaining the level of a 7th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. He has been an accomplished competitor in Tae Kwon Do Tournament circuit for many years.


Utilizing his expertise in Tae Kwon Do and other art forms, he has created his own rendition of Tae Kwon Do aka Korean Kickboxing. An effective style that utilizes the long reaching, quick and powerful leg strikes of Tae Kwon Do, with its long forgotten hand strikes (open and closed hand strikes, elbows). As well, teaching some basic grappling techniques from Judo and Hapkido to prevent an attacker to closing the gap.

Master Joseph Suyat Angeles

Started his martial arts journey at AHTKD at the young age of thirteen and after 16 years of training he was able to earn his 4th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. He has over 12 years of teaching experience, utilizing his educational experience in Psychology to better instruct his students. He has an adaptable teaching style, utilizing high energy and fun to create a flow in the class that'll keep students engaged. While still taking the time to properly inform and educate his students on how Martial Arts can prepare them to become more successful, positive and disciplined. 

Thanks to his mentors (Grand Master Hong and his brother Master Hong) he aspires to equip his students with the mental and physical traits that'll properly prepare them for the hardships of life.

"Life is hard, but if we can forge a warrior spirit, we can overcome the struggles of life and succeed." -Master Joseph Suyat Angeles